Introduction – I’ve signed up to a half marathon and a marathon

As the title suggests, I’ve signed up to a couple of challenges to get a bit fitter.

I have found in the past that I can’t make time for exercise unless I have a challenge to aim for. My last running challenge was a half marathon in March 2016. Since this, I haven’t really kept up with exercising.

Earlier this year I applied to go on Ninja Warrior UK, but I haven’t heard back from the organisers, and seeing that auditions were supposed to be in May I have assumed that I haven’t been successful.

I then applied for the London marathon 2018, but I won’t find out about that until October, so that hasn’t given me the immediate drive to exercise. So I reverted back to no exercise and spending my evenings sat in front of the tv, snacking and getting more and more tired as a result.

I work in an office, so my days are not active and I know that this lifestyle can only result in me getting more and more unhealthy.

Thursday 25th May was the day I decided to make a change. I googled local running events and 2 caught my eye. A half marathon running from West Bay to Seatown and back in August and a marathon at Cheddar Gorge in September. I’ve entered both!

Next, I had to find a training plan, I’ve got just over 15 weeks to get in shape for what I think is going to be a very tough challenge. Luckily, you can find anything on the internet, so I’ve downloaded a plan from BUPA.

I am going to use this blog to update on the training, progress, pain and challenges involved along the way.

This is the first time I’ve written a blog, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 


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