The first 2 training runs

Weekend training was as follows:

Saturday – 30 minutes easy

Sunday – 6 miles

So I’ll start with Saturday’s “easy” 30 minute run. I’m using Strava to record my workouts, so I set this up so that it would update me every 1/2 mile. The first update came far too soon for an easy run, it seems I’ve forgotten how to pace myself! Considering this is my first run in a long time, I know I’m not going to be breaking any records, so when I was told I’d completed that first 1/2 mile I knew I had to slow down a bit, otherwise this was not going to be an “easy” run.

I slowed down considerably over the next 2.5 miles, thinking to myself that the training plan told me this should be easy. It didn’t feel easy at all! I’m sure future runs will feel easier…

Run done, the rest of Saturday was spent at a cider festival at a local pub. I don’t drink alcohol, so I spent the day drinking sugary drinks, I had a dominos pizza for dinner with my kids, and then an additional meal at about 10pm when I decided to have a cheese burger off of the BBQ. It all tasted great, so was probably worth it!

Sunday’s 6 miler. I wanted to do this in the morning to feel good about it all day. I woke up later than planned, but still got into my running gear, oversleeping is no excuse for not training! I did my normal stretches and then set off. I’d say it took me less than a minute to realise that my legs were aching from Saturday, and that my unhealthy eating from the evening before were combining to make this run a struggle.

I had a route planned in my head, so I pressed on thinking that I’d soon find my rhythm and be able to block out these aches. I completed mile 1, then miles 2 and 3, it wasn’t getting any easier, my rhythm wasn’t making itself obvious and my pace was slowing. This was going to be a struggle for the whole 6, so I just had to do my best.

I completed the 6 miles, just! Again, not an impressive pace, but at this point it’s just about getting the miles done, the pace will come after more sessions, I need to not worry about this at all. At the end of the day, my target here is to just finish the half marathon, and then finish the marathon, I do not have target times.

One thing that I really started to notice in the last 3 miles today, was how much my feet were hurting. I pulled off my trainers and socks to reveal feet that were quite cut up, I felt inside my trainers and they have got quite tatty over the miles, I think I bought these ones about 18 months ago, so they have had quite a bit of use. Time for new ones, for training and for these challenges, although I imagine they’ll be reaching the end of their life by the end of the marathon, I’m aiming for a fair few miles by this point!

I’ve bought a pair of bright orange/pink Nike trainers, I’m going to wear them around the house to break them in a bit and will write about how they feel after Tuesday’s training- Monday is a rest day! I’m going to be eating a bit healthier from now on though, as I’ve learnt my lesson from Saturday night!

The Strava activities are below.


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