Today – a rest day

Every training programme should feature rest days, these allow your body to recover.

I have tried to be healthy today, eggs for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, chicken for dinner. 

As a family we went out for a walk in the rain at Lytes Cary (National Trust – we have membership and use this quite often). We got soaked as we time our walk for the rankest part of the day, not done on purpose! We always end these walks in the cafe, and I managed to resist the cakes.

I did also take my son to the park in the evening for a kick about, so managed to build up a bit of a sweat even on a rest day, but I did not exert myself too much, so that I could still recover from the previous runs.

All in all, a good day, and I’m very excited to continue the running plan tomorrow. The plan for tomorrow is a 30 minute easy run, so that should be good, especially with the new trainers. 

One thing I have forgotten to mention is that I am wearing wrist weights on all of my training runs, mainly because I don’t want to lose all muscle with a program so focussed on cardio activity, but also because my wife doesn’t want me to get too scrawny through training. We discussed this last night, and came to the conclusion that after the marathon, I can use the winter for bulking up. One step at a time though, I need to concentrate on the task in hand first!


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