Run 1 with the new trainers

Scheduled for this evening was a 30 minute easy run, but before that I had a birthday dinner to go to, more temptation…

I managed to resist some of what was on offer, but I did eat some scotch eggs, pork pies and of course, birthday cake. 

Luckily I was quite restrained in the amount that I ate, the problem with me and buffets is “grazing”. At a buffet, I like to sit close to the food and graze, then I don’t know how much I’ve eaten, and I kid myself that I haven’t eaten very much. This time I managed to be true to myself and I am proud of that. 

So on to the run with the new trainers.

I started the run at a much steadier pace than Saturday, and it felt really good. Within no time I had found my rhythm and really enjoyed the run, so much so that I changed my route on the way back to make it a bit more challenging. Things are already starting to come together. 

The trainers were spot on. Soft enough to feel cushioned, but also supportive enough. They did irritate my feet where the last trainers ripped them, but overall, they felt great and I would highly recommend them as a comfortable budget trainer.

Tomorrow is a 5 mile run, but this is going to be after a long work day as I’m off to London on an early train, and likely putting in a 14 hour day. I’m going to stay positive though, and if I am home by 7pm I will do it. 

Today’s Strava activity is below


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