Failed session 😩

My plan for today was to travel to London for work, complete the various meetings that were in my calendar and then get home by 7pm to go out for a 5 mile midweek run.

The day started well, alarm went off at 4:30 as planned, I woke up and got myself onto the train for the long, arduous journey to the capital and I was feeling fairly good.

The morning meetings went well and I accomplished what I was hoping. Lunch wasn’t too unhealthy, a chicken salad sandwich, I didn’t want to overdo the food like I did at the weekend.

The afternoon was going well and all was on target, until my last meetingover ran and before I knew it, it was gone 5pm so the earliest train I could catch would get me home for 9pm.

After leaving the house at 5:45am, getting home at 9:00pm – a total of 15.25 hours, I think that going for a 5 miler would do more damage than good, so it is with regret that I’m writing this failure entry.

Needless to say, I will be training tomorrow night, and I may complete more than the program suggests to try to make up for today. 


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