My first tempo run

Today’s plan: 40 minutes tempo. 

What does that mean? In any plans I’ve followed previously, I hadn’t come across this term. 

A tempo run in this plan means running at a constant pace for a certain amount of time. The 40 minutes includes 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down. 

I decided to use my treadmill for this workout, that way I could keep my pace constant relatively easily. The only problem with this is that I find running on a treadmill soooooo boring. I used to think that when I go out for a run I block out my surroundings most of the time, but after trying a treadmill I realised this can’t be the case. My treadmill faces the wall in my garage. Walls are not interesting. It is much the same problem I face with the cross trainer, only the wall is much closer to the front of the treadmill. 

Decision made, I started. The first 5 minutes at 4.5mph to warm up, I was feeling good, but getting bored. Then a light bulb moment, I stopped the music I was listening to and started a YouTube music compilation video, and at last, something to watch other than the wall!

I put the pace up to 5mph for the next 30 minutes. I think I could possibly have gone faster, but I didn’t want to over do it and have to reduce pace part way through. 

The final 5 minutes I reduced the speed back down to 4.5mph to cool down. 

I felt good after the workout, I was very sweaty, the garage doesn’t have much breeze! Overall, very happy with today, and now back on track after yesterday’s fail. 


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