Long run and some news

On Sunday I completed a 9 mile run and it felt good. What felt better was the feeling afterwards, I’ve only been training for a couple of weeks and already my long runs are on point and I’m feeling great!

I did struggle a little around the halfway point, when I realised I had to do it all again. I soon managed to pull my thoughts together and crack on with the second half.

My pace was fairly consistent and I even managed a couple of negative splits. 

Anyway, the 9 miler is old news now.

I had some news on Monday that has really put a spanner in the works for the marathon training. I received an invitation to audition for Ninja Warrior UK!

This is fantastic. I had not heard anything since I submitted my application months ago, which is why I signed up to the marathon (check my first post if you don’t believe me).

My audition is on Wednesday 21st June, so preparation time is limited. Couple this with the fact that I’ve got a board meeting the day before, which I have a lot of prep work to complete and my preparation time for this audition is now looking bleak.

Workouts this week have mainly been HIIT based, in order to maximise results from minimal available time. I have been training upper body using a pull up bar, training finger strength by completing pull ups with an open grip, training my legs by doing weighted squat jumps and lunges. I have been trying to improve my balance by jumping onto objects, landing on 1 foot and balancing.

It’s not all Ninja Warrior though, I’m going to try to keep up the weekend long runs, and I’m going to hope that training the other muscles will aid the running. 


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