Training update

It’s been a while since I updated my blog, so I’m going to go over the main points.

Firstly, I am keeping my strength and core training up, in case I get a phone call from Ninja Warrior telling me that they want me on the show.

I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say about the audition, but suffice to say it was hard and I felt underprepared, but I enjoyed pushing myself! After driving to the audition venue (only a 3 hour drive!) I felt fresh an ready to complete whatever they asked I felt tired, it was a baking hot day with no air con in the car, I was sweating well before it started! I did really enjoy it, and it highlighted to me the areas in which I will need to improve if selected, and also highlighted to me how much fitter than me most of the applicants were – I blame my desk job!

So, I’ve been doing a lot of strength and core work, so much so that I found that I’m getting pain in my elbows after every session. I’ve discussed this with a few people, I haven’t bothered going to the doctors as I imagine their advice would be to take it easy but I don’t fancy that at the moment. I’ve gone with elbow supports. Nothing fancy, I bought them on eBay for about £2 and they are working fantastically well and I’ve not felt the elbow pain since I started using them! 

Ninja Warrior training is on point then!

Next up is the running. I must admit, this has taken a back seat for a while, but I have now got back into it a bit. I am trying to at least keep up with the weekend long runs in order to get my mileage up before the marathon (10th September is coming up fast).

Rather than be realistic, after not running for a couple of weeks, I decided to go out and complete a 13 mile run. This tactic did not go well at all. My midweek sessions had been based on increasing muscle and power in my upper body, so it seems my legs had been forgotten about.

I went to a canal path near home, thinking it would be a pleasant route with no traffic, where I could drift off into my own little world and eat up the miles without noticing, it sounded idyllic! 

In reality, it was very different. Again, it was a hot day, and I’d managed to start at about 11:30, so not a cool part of the day. The route was flat, but, I couldn’t get a rhythm going with my run as I had to keep stopping to let cyclists pass. I’ve not got anything against cyclists, but can’t you guys just hang on until there’s a passing place?? Every couple of minutes I hear “ding ding” followed by “coming past on the right”. It turns out they’re coming past whether you’ve heard them or not, and no, they can’t slow down until the path widens.

The 13 miles were probably the worst 13 to date. I was hot, slow and getting angrier with every mile. When I’d done it, I was so glad it was over, drove home and tried to forget it had happened. 

Next day, I was reminded of the previous day’s activity in a very unpleasant way. My legs felt like they were made of lead! What a joke, not only did I feel like the run was a waste of my time, I was now suffering for doing it! Ran on the Sunday, the pain had finally left my legs by the Wednesday, and I started searching for a way to stop that from happening again.

Jump forward to the following weekend, and I decided to do the local 5k parkrun with the family. I spent the run with my 5 year old son, and he really enjoyed himself. He also got himself a PB, which is great. It was good for me as well, as I used this as interval training as he likes to sprint then walk, I’ve not managed to get him to understand the idea of pacing himself yet, but he’ll get there.

Sunday arrived, and my plan was to put the nightmare from the Sunday before out of my head, and go out for a 15 mile run. 2 miles further than I’ve ever run before. I got up in the morning, ate a banana and drank a coffee, then got myself ready for going out, then it was time to set off!

Out of the door by 8am, earlier than last week, beating the heat of the day! Tick!

Running on pavements and country roads, thereby avoiding most traffic, but more importantly, cyclists! Tick!

So far so good. My pace was steady and I was enjoying myself, how different this was feeling to last week, this was great.

Then I hit 11 miles and it started to get hard. Really hard. I was on a route I hadn’t run before, which I think helped as it stopped me from getting bored and allowed me to concentrate on where the mile markers are ready for next time. However, this also meant I didn’t know what hills I was coming up against in this 11-13 mile section. They were killers.

 I got to 13 miles and I had drunk all of the water I had on me and I was seriously running low on enthusiasm for the last 2 miles. So I stopped at a petrol station and picked up some energy drinks for the last bit of the run. I’m not sure how much energy ey gave me, but I managed to get to the end, so I’m happy.
Overall I was happy with the run. The pace was down on what I would like, but that will come and for now I just need to concentrate on the distance. 

Once I was home, I had an ingenious plan to avoid the leg pain for the next 2 days. I ran a cold water bath and got straight in. I’ve not done the ice bath thing before, I’ve not really seen a need, but I was hoping that this would be the key to not aching.

I was right! Monday morning came and despite putting 15 miles on my legs the day before, they didn’t really hurt at all! There was a little ache in my calf muscles, but nothing to worry about, this is great news!

Notes for next week are to fuel up properly before the run. I need to do a little research into what to eat for breakfast before a run, in order to avoid the lack of energy at the end. And also I need to think about taking some fuel with me, maybe some energy gels.

Strata reports below for the 3 runs in this post.


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